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Maximize your investment strategy with our intuitive Notion Investment Tracker! Log trades, organize positions, and manage portfolios effortlessly. Access dedicated NFT & Gem Tracker pages for comprehensive oversight. Organize your investment management and start optimizing today
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Thoroughly craft your investment journey with our thoughtfully designed Notion template. Effortlessly track your portfolio, record transactions, and efficiently manage your positions using advanced Notion features. Our template integrates Minervini's Result Based Assumption Forecast, empowering you to make informed decisions with confidence. (Live crypto price automation tutorial is included.)

But that's not all – we go beyond traditional investments. With our template, you can also monitor your NFT and Gem(Crypto) holdings, ensuring a comprehensive overview of your entire asset portfolio. Begin maximizing your investment potential today with our refined Notion template.

This Notion template is your comprehensive companion for tracking your investments, and NFT's. It offers tools to develop your position sizing and reminds you the rules you set in each transaction. If you possess a solid understanding of Risk Management, then this journal is tailored for your interests and expertise. It is suitable for forex, crypto, and stock trades.

Bonus: Live Crypto Prices

Portfolio Tracker: Journal details of your transactions with ease using a transaction tracker, and positioning tool.
Statistics: Automatically extract data from your portfolio manager, providing summaries of monthly and overall balance activities. Display success rates, win percentages and analyze trading performance. Moreover, utilizing the Minervini's RBAF system.
Gameplan: Analyze the market in higher timeframes, forecast trends, devise strategies, and track their implementation.
NFT Tracker & Gem Tracker

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