Intranet OS

Fuel Innovation and Foster Unity with the Intranet OS. Show a new way of transparency today!
About this template

What will you get?

Is your team confused by endless nesting pages?
Don't they find the information they were searching for?
Be sure - this won't happen any longer.
With Intranet OS simple structure and intuitive UI - there will be no chance that your peers will get confused any longer!

Always updated
Keep your team updated at all times.
With the simple Homeboard they'll find everything in one place:
- Goals
- Projects
- Events
- News
...and whatever you'll add!

Projects, Events and Org-Charts
This template isn't just a simple way of how to structure your Intranet.
It includes a:
- structured Event Calendar
- simplified Project Manager
- detailed Org-Chart
...and much more!

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