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This Notion template is a very useful tool for insurance brokers because: As an Insurance Broker, you can easily import all of your insurance contracts renewals from a CSV file Track the status of each of your customers (new, done, in progress, pending, canceled) Have separated tick boxes for each of the categories (new, done, in progress- pending, canceled), for statistical reasons at the end of each column Set a reminder at the starting date and at the expiry date for the new or the renewal contracts, so that you don't miss anything (the notification of the reminder appears also on the mobile application of Notion) There is also information apart from the name of the customer, for the Number Plate, the Commission from each contract which sums up at the end of the column, and the total cost of the insurance contract There is also a column that shows if a contract is paid or not. 6 buttons can autofill each of the categories: new, done, in progress- pending, canceled, paid, and not paid, depending on the Status of each contract. Besides the table view, there is also a calendar view, which is very easy to read and shows apart from the name of the customer, the total cost, the number plate, and the status of each contract. When a second CSV file should be imported, for the next month, etc. there is a merge option, so that all the information is in one database. Latest updates: Pie charts with percentages by customers' renewals for each column (Done, Cancelled, New, In Progress/Pending) and now with the new Notion Calendar, you can have all your reminders in one calendar (e.g Google Calendar+Notion Calendar), because this template has also a calendar view!

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