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Streamline ISO27001 compliance towards Incident Management with our Notion template! Effortlessly manage incidents & empower staff with Apple Shortcut submission. Meet ISO controls & enhance security posture in one centralised hub. Revolutionise incident management today!
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🌟 Elevate Your Incident Management with Our Notion Template! 🌟

Are you seeking the ideal Incident Management solution to effortlessly align with ISO27001 standards?
Here's why our template stands out:

1. ISO27001 Incident Compliance Made Simple: Say goodbye to the complexities of aligning your incident management system with ISO27001. Our template makes you comply instantly to ISO controls:

- 5.24 Information security incident management planning and preparation
- 5.25 Assessment and decision on information security events
- 5.26 Response to information security incidents
- 5.27 Learning from information security incidents

2. Effortless Incident Ticket Submission: Empower your staff to swiftly report incidents with ease. Our template offers a game-changing feature - an Apple Shortcut that allows your team members to submit incident tickets seamlessly. This innovation revolutionizes the way incidents are organised and managed, ensuring prompt responses and resolution.

3. Centralised Incident Management Hub: Consolidate all incident-related information in one centralised location within Notion. From initial assessment to response and post-incident analysis, our template provides a structured framework to manage the entire incident lifecycle efficiently.

4. Enhanced Collaboration and Accountability: Foster collaboration among your team members by providing them with clear roles and responsibilities during incident response. With our Notion template, everyone stays on the same page, promoting accountability and ensuring swift resolution of incidents.

5. Continuous Improvement through Incident Analysis: Leverage the power of data-driven insights to learn from past incidents and enhance your organisation's security posture. Our template facilitates comprehensive post-incident analysis, enabling you to identify trends, root causes, and areas for improvement.

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