🏡 iManage! - All-in-One Property Management Tool

The ultimate property management tool for real estate investors and managers.
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Introducing the iManage! Real Estate Bundle: Lifetime access to an always-growing comprehensive suite of 20+ Notion templates designed for real estate professionals.

Streamline property management with our all-in-one platform and enjoy additional templates for budgeting, ChatGPT assistance, and more.

🏡 iManage! - All-in-One Property Management Tool is in the center of it all. With this massive Notion OS, you will be able to:

✅ Efficiently manage your properties with ease
✅ Save time and increase your profits
✅ Accessible on mobile app, website, or native application
✅ Store contact management for all your properties
✅ Keep an eye on all insurance policies
✅ Control recurring bills for each property
✅ Breakdown of all your lease agreements
✅ Access all your contractors’ info
✅ Import transactions for a tax estimation
✅ Keep track of maintenance requests, financial transactions, and tenant screening

Manage properties, track maintenance requests, finances, and tenant screening with ease. Accessible on mobile, web, or native applications.

Perfect for landlords, property managers, real estate companies, agents, brokers, and vacation or commercial property owners.

iManage! is full of incredible and powerful features

1. Landlord software built with Notion

Whether you are a Notion veteran or never heard of an app - you will find yourself at home the first time you open iManage!. This is one of the most important features of iManage!, as it allows you to access the software through Notion's dashboard. This means that you can work on your projects, manage your tenants, and track your finances on any device through a mobile app, website or native application. Duplicating this management tool is as easy as clicking a button.

2. Property Portfolio - A complete overview of your properties

iManage! offers property owners an illustrated view of their portfolio of buildings, units, and locations. Fill each item with your photos to always give a look at your cash flow machine. You can add rental listings for apartments, buildings, multi-units, land, commercial property, or any other property types you need.

3. Maintenance - Manage projects, tasks, and TO-DO lists

There's always some work going on, whether you like it or not. iManage! offers a powerful way to track the status of your maintenance requests and project management. This makes it easy to manage rental maintenance requests, projects, tasks, and to-do lists.

4. Transactions - Income and expenses for each property

Having accounting software helps you manage the online rental collection, online rent payments, and transaction info with iManage! expense tracking. Simply add any rent collection, expenses, or other transactions to a database! You can easily assign any incoming transaction to a property, and it will automatically update your finances in the rent manager.

5. Contacts - Save all companies and people info

iManage! lets you store your contact management for all your properties. This makes it easy to find a person or company when you need them. Add your tenants, vendors, contractors, property managers, and the people you do business with.

6. Leases - Breakdown of all your lease agreements

Save your agreements, rental applications, and any other relevant info in one place. iManage! is not a lease manager, yet it offers a simple property management solution to keep track of your properties and leases. Save info about long-term or short-term rental agreements.

7. Bills - Control recurring bills for each property

You can add your recurring bills like taxes, insurance, and property management fees to each of your properties in iManage!. This will help you keep an eye on the expenses and never miss a due date. The notion has great APIs that allow you to connect your favorite apps (e.g. through Zapier)

8. Contractors - Access all your contractors’ info

You have a lot of vendors, management companies, contractors, and service providers you work with. iManage! makes it easy to keep track of them. Use this page to save their information, such as contacts, business documents, and estimates.

9. Insurance - Keep an eye on all insurance policies

Add all the insurance policies you have in iManage!. It will remind you about the policy renewals and track the remaining coverage for each property. Add property insurance or renters insurance.

10. Taxes - Import transactions for a tax estimation

iManage! lets you store all of your transactions for a property for tax purposes.

iManage! helps you get ready for tax season. Aggregating all your data will help you list all your income and expenses for a tax estimation.

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