Gym Planner

About this template

This template is divided into several sections, which are described in the following - Muscles: in this page you can add all the muscles group you want. Feel free to be as specific as you want; - Exercises: in this page you can add new exercises. Tt is strongly recommended to use the "Add Exercise" button found on the tab of the related muscle group; - Exercises for Workout Plans: in this database you will found all the exercises set, weights and rests linked to a workout plan; - Workout Plans: here are your workout plans; - Progressions Working Set: in this page you will find all the progression ordered by exercise so you don’t miss out your progress; - Workouts: this is your calendar. To use this template, register your exercises in the dedicated section and compose your workout plans in the section. Then, open a workout plan and simply tap "Begin workout" to start your training. Once you finish, tap "End workout" and your workout will be registered calendar. You can edit your progress on the go and this will make your journey in the gym much easier! Stay tuned for more updates to come!

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