Growing Season | Life Planner & Personal Growth

System to help you define a personal vision, set and track monthly goals, and work towards your vision daily.
About this template

- Walkthrough to define your next chapter (vision, core values, life dreams) & main themes you want to work on
- System to help you progress monthly, including goal setting, tracking, and reflections
System for daily actions, including habit tracking, morning & evening routines, and journaling
- Templates: monthly reflection, daily journal, recipe book tracker, wellness calendar tracker, reading/podcast tracker - and more to come
- Fully customizable social management system (personal CRM) to help remind you when it's time to make plans with someone, add to their "profile" (likes/dislikes/etc), and track any follow-ups
- Gamified "points" tracker so you can create an incentive system to reward yourself as you hit goals and cross off todo's
- A summary of my core learnings on personal growth

I know different systems work for different people. If you try this out and it doesn't work for you, email me and I'll refund you, no questions asked!


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