Getting Things Done

The GTD Notion template to increase your productivity and gain visibility across all your current and future tasks  - Based on the Getting Things Done method by David Allen.
About this template

You can access the incredible superpower of having managing your life, projects or business using the Getting Things Done (GTD) method. You'll have access to an organised way of life that normally takes hours to build from scratch.

The GTD method in 5 steps:

-Capture: Write down everything on your mind
-Clarify: Process all of the tasks on your lists by determining what to do about them
-Organise: Sort through your tasks and put them in the appropriate places
-Reflect: To prevent having a messy task list, take out time to review your list daily and weekly
-Engage: Choose the most important tasks and carry out the next actions

Whats included in the GTD system?

-5x GTD categories
-GTD Task management
-GTD Task calendar
-Navigation & Quick Actions
-Progress chart (keep in mind you should create this progress chart)


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