Language hub: German learning—Deustch me baby V.1

A very detailed German personal dictionary/vocabulary builder; a log of German dialogues that allow notes and annotation; a grammar hub, archives of German learning resources; an archive of German personal media—all in a template.
About this template

This is my personal beginner German language learning hub. I make this a template upon request.

What it includes:
1. A personal dictionary/vocabulary builder with automation to help you keep track of new vocabulary systematically
2. A log for situational dialogues helps you practice situational conversation with a handy annotation feature to perfect your fluency
3. A customisable grammar hub with checklists and usage examples to make learning a breeze
4. An archive of German learning resources (coursebook, workbook etc.)
5. An archive of personal favourite German media (playlists, books etc.)

Need a hand getting started? Make it yours! This hub is built to be flexible. Reach out to me if you have any questions regarding how to use and customise it to your specific learning needs, I will try to assist you in my ability!

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