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Freelancer & Agency Products & Services Catalog – your all-in-one solution for showcasing the services and products you offer, in a clear, professional manner.
About this template

With customizable pricing tables and interactive checkboxes, it's never been easier for clients or potential clients to browse and select what they need

With this template you get to:
1. Organize your services and products effortlessly with customizable sections for each category. Create detailed descriptions, upload images, and provide pricing information with ease.-----------------------

2, Stand out with a very easily customizable pricing table feature, allowing clients to compare options and select what fits their needs and budget.-----------------------

3. Engage clients with interactive checkboxes, letting them indicate their interests and providing valuable insight into their preferences.-----------------------

4. Fully customize it to match your brand identity, this template streamlines your showcase, making it easier than ever to impress and grow your business.

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