Freelance writing hub & article tracker

An article tracker for freelance writers and journalists, integrated into a useful hub with contacts and other pages.
About this template

This Notion template is created specifically for freelance journalists and writers who pitch articles to editors. The simple design and all functionality is completely customisable to fit your needs.

This template includes:

-Article tracker - keep track of all your articles from the start of an idea throughout the pitching, writing and editing process.
-Contacts - use this database to link editors to articles in the article tracker, or add information for sources, colleagues and others.
-Portfolio - Collect the clips you want to show people. Use this database as a starting point for filtered Notion views to create custom portfolios for different situations.
-Goals and evaluation - Keep yourself motivated by setting quarterly or annual goals for your freelance career
-Kudos - Don’t let the haters get you down. Instead, save the compliments that you get along the way to remind yourself that you’re doing great!
-Hub - the page that keeps it all together, with added to do list and space for links.

I created the article based on the real physical kanban board above my desk, where ideas start as post-it notes that gradually move across the board. I learnt how to use that system in an editorial office where I worked over a decade ago, and now that I’m freelance it’s the only way I can keep track of projects that all exists in multiple stages of writing, editing or invoicing.

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