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The Event Planner streamlines event organization with sections for upcoming, ongoing, and past events. Features include pages for guest details, venues, budget tracking, and a vision board. It also offers specific pages for each event, covering sites, schedules, invitations,
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Notion Event Planner: Designed to effortlessly organize multiple events, this planner is your all-in-one solution to bring order and creativity to your event planning process.



Keep every event perfectly organized with dedicated pages for UPCOMING, ONGOING, and PAST events. Easily sort and access your events to stay ahead of your planning needs.


GUESTS: Add and manage details for all your potential attendees. Easily pull this data into separate plans to streamline your organization.

VENUES AND SUPPLIERS: Keep vital information about your venues and suppliers in one place, similar to guest management, for easy access and reference.

BUDGETS & EXPENSES: A dedicated space to manage all budgeting and financial tracking for each event, categorized by event status: past, ongoing, and upcoming.

VISION BOARD: An inspiring space to upload and categorize images that spark your creativity.

ARCHIVE: Remove guests, venues, and vendors from your active list with the option to access them later if necessary, keeping your current lists clutter-free.


Each event gets its dedicated and detailed page, ensuring every single aspect is meticulously organized and accessible. This specialized page encompasses everything you need for flawless event execution:

SITES: Perfectly catalog venues and locations for easy reference.

SCHEDULE: Detailed timelines and agendas to keep everything on track.

INVITATIONS: Effortlessly create invitations, connect guests from a main list, and monitor attendance status and additional guest counts within each invite.

CHECKLISTS: Comprehensive lists for tasks, shopping, and essentials, ensuring nothing is forgotten.

BUDGET & EXPENSES: Tailored financial tracking for the specific event, highlighting budget adherence and expense monitoring.

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