Email Marketing Planner

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Main Features

• Straightforward template, without unnecessary elements for optimal functionality.

• The Home Dashboard that gives you an overview of your template content — all automatically.

• Guidelines to use your template.

• Quick Actions buttons for easy section creation.

• Quick Links and Useful Links, integrated with database links, provide a seamless and intuitive planning experience.

• Side Notes providing concise information for each section.

What’s Inside

• Your Emails — Discover all your emails and leverage ready-to-use email templates.

• Contacts — All the contacts you use to enhance your business.

• Campaigns — Utilize campaigns to effectively organize your ongoing email marketing campaigns.

• Tasks & Goals — Enhance your productivity by leveraging tasks and goals to drive progress in your work.

• Brainstorming — Make the most of this space by adding ideas or details that surge along the way.

• User Personas — Utilizing user personas is essential for companies to understand and address diverse customer needs, informing targeted product development and strategic decisions.

• Company Strategy & Values — Synthesis of your brand values, enabling a clear and efficient codification of your company’s purpose, approach, and ethos.

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