Echo Roadmap for B2B SaaS

Designed for forward-thinking B2B SaaS product teams that want to synthesize feedback and quantify impact, Echo Roadmap helps you and your teams capture all feedback, connect it to product areas, features and objectives to keep everyone focused on delivering customer value.
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Imagine having a single place where all your customer feedback lives, neatly tied to each customer's value to your business. That's what we've built with Echo Roadmap. Our goal is to help you prioritize the work that truly moves the needle on your product's value and revenue. With our straightforward integration through Zapier, your feedback flows seamlessly from various channels right into Echo Roadmap. No fuss, no muss, just clarity and direction on where to focus next. Echo Roadmap is rich with features like roadmaps, backlogs, and kanban boards, all designed to make your planning and execution as smooth as possible. Plus, it's customizable, so it grows and adapts with your team, no matter how big your ambitions are.

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