DND Campaign Notes

Take notes for your DND Campaign Sessions, keep track of key events, items collected, and party members. As you take notes, you can auto-generate your adventure summary with AI.
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HI ADVENTURERS! Be the the MVP of your party and make your DM proud.

When running your Dungeons and Dragons (DND) Campaign Sessions, it's essential to keep a detailed record. You should take comprehensive notes, capturing key events that shape your campaign's narrative, the notable items your party collects, and the evolution of each party member throughout the journey. These notes will serve as a valuable reference point, allowing you to maintain continuity and consistency. Furthermore, as you compile your notes, you can employ an advanced feature - automatic adventure summary generation with Artificial Intelligence (AI). This AI tool can process your detailed notes and produce a concise, coherent summary of your adventure, saving you time and effort, and letting you focus more on planning the next exciting chapter of your campaign.

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