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Comprehensive Dissertation Planner Template, a meticulously designed tool to help you excel in your academic journey. This all-in-one Notion template is a game-changer for students working on their dissertations, theses, or research projects.

Key Features:

Reading List: Easily manage and organize your reading materials, making sure you never miss a crucial source.

Article Summaries: Summarize important articles and research papers to keep track of key insights.

Notes: Take structured notes as you delve deeper into your research, ensuring your ideas are well-documented.

Reference List: Maintain an organized list of your references, citations, and bibliography.

Supervisor Meetings: Schedule and record your meetings with your supervisor to stay on track and receive valuable feedback.

Research Progress: Monitor your research milestones and stay motivated throughout your project.

Writing Progress: Track your writing progress and set achievable writing goals.

Chapters: Plan and outline your chapters, including figures and illustrations, all in one place.

Final Checklist: Prepare for submission by following a comprehensive checklist of tasks.

Presentation Structure: Create a solid structure for your dissertation presentation to impress your audience.

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