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Seamless Learning - Seamless Planning with the Digital School Planner 2023/24๐Ÿ“…
What is your choice? A structured school life or 2 Big Macs?๐Ÿ”
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Structured Dashboard
Confused with all those planers, that just throw figures at you?
Not here!
The simplified structure of the Dashboard gives you a clear overview of the most important topics at the top:
- Homework that is to be done
- Upcoming Lessons
- Upcoming Test and Exams

Subject Database
You don't remember what the topic was of last week's Math lesson?
Don't worry about it - your Digital School Planer got you covered!
Write down the topics and notes after each lesson in the Subject Database.
Always be the first one to summarize during the next lesson.

You can even add new subjects with the click of a button!

Test & Exam Calendar
When is the next exam...and what is it even about?!
Never be confused again.
The Test & Exam Calendar will give you the perfect space to make it manageable.
Note down all the topics, that might be appearing in your upcoming exam and study with peace of mind.

Do you want to add new tests or exams?
Just click the integrated button and you're ready to go!

Homework Database
"Wait, there was homework?!"
Relatable, right? A story of the past with the Homework Database.
Each time you receive new homework - write it down in the Database.
It will hold you accountable each time you open the planner - right at the top!

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