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This template leverages database automation to assist data scientists, developers, and programmers in managing their projects efficiently. The automation is implemented within the projects database and streamlines essential tasks when initiating a data science project.
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These tasks include creating: a requirements.txt file, a Dockerfile, a Makefile, a .gitignore file and a starting point for the state-of-the-art documentation tasks.

Furthermore, the automation establishes a connection between the project and pre-written code snippets. For instance, commonly used files like Makefile, Dockerfile, requirements.txt, and .gitignore are preconfigured as code snippets, simplifying project setup.
In addition to project and task management, this template incorporates various valuable resources to enhance productivity and streamline workflows (you will build those ressource from a project to another): Cheat Sheet Database, Papers Database, Resource Database, Course Databases, Languages Database and Shortcuts Database.

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