Daily Prayer (Namaz) Tracker

This is template for tracking daily prayer (Namaz)
About this template

This is template for tracking daily prayer (Namaz)
⇒ Jamat = Any prayer offered with congregation = 2 points
⇒ On-Time = Any prayer which is offered alone but within time = 1 points
⇒ Qaza = Prayer with congregation = 0.5 point
⇒ Missed = Any prayer which is missed = 0 point
Scoring: Score for each prayer is added, total score reflect in “Daily Score” column.
Ideally our daily score should be 10 which means all prayers are offered in congregation.
This table will help those who want to kepp track of missed prayers, so they can do qaza later.
I have created this table for myself because it was difficult for me keep the track of missed prayers. So I thought why shouldn’t I share it with everyone.
Please share this template with everyone and keep me in your prayers

Aaqib Qadeer
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