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5e D&D DM Dashboard Full
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5e Notion template I made so that you could keep your character and campaign in your notion system for when you play. Keep track of your campaigns and record your adventures planning for the demise of your players. Multiple templates for NPCs, monsters you encounter, Access to a custom session database view on your character sheet or under your DM template.
I have used this to create and keep track of my Adventures and Games I am running in both D&D and Pathfinder for the last few years. I have mad changes over time and thought I would post it for other to see.
I also have the Players only template available for free if you dont want to have the extra capability. Or my GM dashboard but this one not only has both of those capabilities in it it has a special PC template.

The new PC template was inspired by my wife who wanted something to do the math for her. So I made a system that once you add the items in the correct spot and make sure your relations are correct you can don and doff armor or add buffs to your character so that you dont have to do any of the math yourself.

Invite your party to your notion Workstation and let them play their character from your notion. Allowing you to change and keep track of your players character sheets all while using the same program you use to keep track of this world to connect and organize your other one.

Each Campaign having their own Player Template or GM Template depending on your role.

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