Customer Support Management

A Notion template to help empower and equip your customer support team
About this template

This template will help you empower your customer support team to be equipped with the latest information and knowledge from across the rest of the business. The business and the customer support team can quickly gain access to understanding:

- A summary of what the customer team's purpose is within the business.
- How the customer support team helps the business and the impact it has.
- Who the team are, their job title and a summary of what that team member does day-to-day.
- Technical documentation and easy to access education and reminders on team specific processes
- Useful links to team specific tools.
- Contact information for each customer or supplier. Easily accessible for the team to quickly grab the right contact information needed for the task.
- A team rota which can be changed day to day or week to week, to empower your team to know what they should be working on and when.
- A project management dashboard to quickly understand who is working on what and why.
- A customer feedback tracker


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