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The exact content strategy that helped me grow my client's account to 173K+ active followers.
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In this content strategy template, you will get:

Navigation- To help you get to a particular section faster. No more scrolling for ages!

Step-By-Step Researching & Planning Framework. This will help you with both external (using 3rd party tools) and internal (asking your audience directly) research. It's designed to help you plan out content for the whole year in as little time as possible. Make sure that you understand your niche and ideal audience to be able to use this section at max.

21 Places To Find Content Ideas. If you usually have a hard time figuring out what to post, this section is for you. This will be crucial for researching about your niche.

300+ Hooks For Social Media Content. These hooks have helped me capture the attention of my ideal audience time and again. They are my go-to when I'm planning content since they are battle-tested and my reach tripled after using them.

Monthly Strategy & Overviews. This section gives you an overview of all the content for each month: total number of posts, posts in progress vs published as well as progress to completion. To add a keyword and plan content for each month, just click on the respective month and you'll see that I've already created a template for that.

Content Section. If you don't want to use the monthly strategy section to plan content, feel free to use this area. It's the main section for capturing ideas, choosing which platforms you're planning to use, adding an inspiration link, post type, content pillar, caption and more.

Content Calendar. Shows you a monthly & weekly view of content to be posted, which platforms and the status of each post. The monthly strategy section also includes a content planner & calendar so this is just to give you the option of using a general one.

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