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This aesthetic template allows you to track your content across different platforms, plan it, visualize it with a content calendar, stay consistent and even track your finances: platform earnings, affiliate earnings and collaborations!
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The main components of this table are:
1. The Planning Section- The content panner allows you to add your preferred platforms, write down your ideas and create a content pipeline by turning those ideas into posts.
2. The Creation Section- The content calendar has a weekly view and monthly view that you can easily add to. This helps you see all the upcoming content you have for that week as well as what you have planned for the rest of the month.
3. Consistency Section- A major part of this calendar, and a problem that a lot of us struggle with, is consistency. By using this tracker you're able to track your daily and weekly tasks thus helping you build a better connection with your social media audience.
4. The Finance Section- Track all of your earnings online with the simple tools in this template: A platform earnings tracker to help you track money from the creator's fund e.t.c, An affiliate tracker to help you track the products you get commissions from and a collaborations tracker to keep a record off all your brand deals and sponsorships.

Feel free to reach out to me via email about how to get the best use out of this powerful dashboard or any other questions you may have :)

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