Complete Project Management System (CPMS)

Manage your projects and tasks with Complete Project Management System (CPMS) in Notion.
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4 Problems, solved.

-Lacking of Organization
CPMS ensures all project-related information is easily accessible and well-organized.

-Inefficient Risk and Issue Tracking
CPMS allows users to log and monitor risks and issues, set priorities, assign responsibilities, and track their progress efficiently.

-Lacking of Clarity on Completing Projects
Users can note down their Insights and lesson about projects in CPMS easily.

-Difficulty in Reviewing Completed Projects
The archive page allows users to see the completed projects and tasks easily.


CPMS is for...

Entrepreneurs or small business who need a perfect system to manage their projects and tasks across from multiple areas.

Freelancers who work on multiple projects for different clients can use use to keep track of their tasks, deadlines, and project-related information.

Startups often have limited resources and need effective project management to launch and grow their businesses.

Teams can benefit from a CPMS to enhance communication and collaboration.

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