Top 9 Free Product Specs Templates in Notion

Product Specs are essential for aligning teams and ensuring that everyone is working towards a common goal with a clear understanding of the product's requirements. They help in defining the scope, objectives, and details of a product, which is crucial for successful development and launch. A Product Specs Notion template can streamline this process by providing a structured format that can be easily shared and updated across teams.

Before you dive into creating your own Product Specs, take a look at these Notion templates to simplify the process and ensure you cover all necessary aspects efficiently.

1Simple PRD

This template contains the PRD (Product Requirement Document) which is a basic requirement for product managers and digital product development teams.

A template preview for Simple PRD

2PRD (Product requirements doc)

A product requirements doc is critical to organizing and validating the thoughts around a new feature or product build. This template enables you to start collecting requirements and begin sequencing work.

A template preview for PRD (Product requirements doc)

3Product spec

A Product Requirement Document (PRD) or Product Spec designed for product managers in tech. It allows you to easily build a spec and track pain points, users and personas, implementation plan and success criteria.

I built this template because I was frustrated by how hard it is to keep track of all the relevant parts of a PRD in more conventional tools - the main upside of building Specs in Notion is that it allows you to keep a clean high-level overview, while linking the more detailed pieces in.

Also, I love that I can use the Relations feature to link users to user stories and features - this allows you to always ensure you know for who you’re building something and what pain you’re trying to solve!

A template preview for Product spec

4Product Requirements Document

There are many phases building a product. With Loom’s Product Requirements Document (PRD) template, you can clearly lay out all the parts to get you from idea to launch.

A template preview for Product Requirements Document

5Product Requirements Document

Clearly define your problem, set measurable goals, identify the target audience, and establish product specifications. Additionally, this template assists in setting milestones, recognizing core assumptions, answering key questions, and determining what is out of scope.

A template preview for Product Requirements Document

6Product Spec

The Product Spec template provides a comprehensive framework to guide your product development. It includes sections for outlining drivers, approvers, contributors, and those who need to be informed. With dedicated spaces for context, goals, KPIs, constraints, assumptions, user research, design, interactions, requirements, stories, dependencies, risks, and performance metrics, it ensures a thorough understanding of your project. Whether you're addressing functional requirements or mapping out user flows, this template keeps your planning organized and actionable.

A template preview for Product Spec

7Design Spec

A structured document that weaves together background, research insights, requirements, wireframes and data analytics into sharp specs.

A template preview for Design Spec

8Product Spec

A product spec should contain all the info your team needs to build something new. Use this template as a source of truth to give context, set goals, see edge cases, and plan development steps.

A template preview for Product Spec

9제품 요구 사항 정의서

제품 요구 사항 정의서는 사용자와 제품간 상호작용을 이해할 수 있게 돕는 문서입니다.

이 템플릿으로 팀원들에게 제품의 개요를 제공하고 목표와 KPI를 설정하세요. 개발 시 고려해야 하는 제약 사항과 사용자에 대한 가정, 제품이 다른 곳에 의존하는 사항을 설명할 수 있습니다.

이 프로젝트에 관한 모든 작업은 작업 데이터베이스를 활용해 관리하세요. 상태별, 프로젝트 매니저별로 필터를 설정하거나 전체 목록을 볼 수 있습니다.

A template preview for 제품 요구 사항 정의서

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