Top 10 To-Do List Templates in Notion

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A to-do list organizes tasks, sets priorities, and tracks progress in your daily life. Having a to-do list is important because it helps you stay focused on your goals, increases productivity, and prevents forgetfulness. A to-do list template can simplify the process of creating and managing your tasks, making it easier to achieve your objectives.

Before creating your own free to-do lists, check out these free to-do list templates below to help make the process smoother. With the right template, you can easily customize and adapt it to your needs, ensuring your tasks are well-organized and prioritized.

1. To-do list

A template preview for To-do list

Simple task management — create, organize, and track your tasks.

2. To Do Lists (over-engineered)

A template preview for To Do Lists (over-engineered)

This is perfect for those with ADHD or just a really hectic life. This template allows for scheduling, categorisation, labelling, and much more - if you have any recommendations for improvements just let me know :)

3. To-do-Liste

A template preview for To-do-Liste

Eine einfache To-do-Liste mit Sortierung nach Eisenhower-Matrix nach Dringilichkeit, Priorität und Aufwandschätzung.

4. To-Do List

A template preview for To-Do List

This template includes:
Due dates
Aspect in your life
Both tasks and projects have a calendar view of when they should be completed by!
And more!

5. Weekly Planner

A template preview for Weekly Planner

The Weekly Plan template is a handy tool for managing and planning your week. This template helps you organize your to-do-list everyday, events, and commitments for the week in an efficient manner.
It's a practical and customisable tool that helps you optimize your productivity and effectively manage your time.

6. To Do List

A template preview for To Do List

Keep your weekly tasks under control with this Free Template!

7. To-do list [weekly]

A template preview for To-do list [weekly]

It helps making a overview of weekly tasks each day

8. Tasks Template 2023

A template preview for Tasks Template 2023

You can see both to-do-list and calendar in this template. Easily review yesterday's task and create today's.

9. To Do List Calendar

A template preview for To Do List Calendar

It provides an easy visual for daily to-do's. You can see if your day is truly cluttered or if you will be having a light day.

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