Top 10 Investing Templates in Notion

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Investing is a way of managing your finances and growing your wealth over time. It's important in your life because it helps you achieve financial goals, such as buying a house, funding your retirement, or even starting a business. An Investing template can simplify the process by providing a structured framework to track your investments, monitor their performance, and make informed decisions.

Before deciding to create your Investing template, it's worth checking out some of the free investing templates available below.

1. Trading Journal

A template preview for Trading Journal

It's basically my trading journal where you can put your trades altogether and review them correctly.

2. Investment Portfolio Management

A template preview for Investment Portfolio Management

Better help individuals manage their investment projects, analyze the underlying investments and automatically calculate return data.

3. Simplest finance tracker

A template preview for Simplest finance tracker

It is important to be aware of expenses and plan for the future. This template provides a framework for creating a financial system tailored to your interests and goals. It allows you to keep track of income and expenses and easily view your savings in various bank accounts.

4. Trading journal

A template preview for Trading journal

This is the free and simplified version of my trading journal, where you can record each of your trades, add your profit, and screenshots of your entries.

Even in this trading journal, the real magic lies in the categorization and search by tags.

5. Investments tracker

A template preview for Investments tracker

I created these two tables to keep track of my invested money, and understand my current liquid value, total growth, average yearly growth, etc. It’s often difficult to keep track of invested money, and it can be a challenge to know which investments are giving you the best bang for your buck. I've included a quick tutorial inside the template to help you get started.

6. Trading Journal

A template preview for Trading Journal

Enables traders to journal effectively.

7. Investment Portfolio Dashboard

A template preview for Investment Portfolio Dashboard

Do you have multiple investment accounts and platforms you use to track them? Do you have separate apps for your brokerage accounts, crypto accounts, retirement accounts, etc.? If so, you are like me. I wanted to see my investments on one simple page, together, so I could get an aggregate picture of them. So I made one.

Use this Notion Investment Portfolio Dashboard to track your investment account balances, shares, cost basis, market value, open P&L, and much more.

8. Crypto Space

A template preview for Crypto Space

Take control of your crypto investments with Crypto Space!

Our platform makes it easy to track your portfolio, monitor the market, and stay informed about the latest trends. With real-time data and advanced analytics, you can make smarter investment decisions and maximize your returns. Whether you're a seasoned trader or just getting started, Crypto Space is the ultimate tool for managing your digital assets.

9. Investment Research Management System

A template preview for Investment Research Management System

This is a research management system built specifically for investment firms, but useful for anyone needing to keep track of research in one convenient place.

At its core, it is a research management system that helps you capture important research on companies, industries, and people. However, it also includes workflow management, CRM, priority setting tools, and a decision log to help you with your investment process.

10. Notion Investment Template

A template preview for Notion Investment Template

Do you struggle with investments all over the place? I sure did, which is why I had to come up with a solution. And what better way to solve this problem than a Notion template.
Use this Investment Tracker Notion template to get live stock prices into Notion and track your portfolio like a pro.

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