5 essential ways to use Notion Projects

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Notion Projects combines project management with your docs, knowledge base, and AI — so you can stop jumping between tools, and stop paying too much for them too. With powerful new features like sprints, AI autofill, subtasks, dependencies, issue tracking, and more, your team can manage projects from end to end with speed and clarity. Get set up in seconds with these five pre-built templates for any team.

1. Projects & Tasks

A template preview for Projects & Tasks

Track projects of any shape or size, and for any type of team. View projects as a timeline, kanban board, or calendar — whatever works best for you. Then write planning docs, embed designs, and organize meeting notes in the same place.

2. Issue tracker

A template preview for Issue tracker

Track engineering projects of any shape or size with this template. For teams that use the Agile method, you can break down each project into tasks, prioritize your backlog, then organize tasks into sprints. Filter by status, priority, and team to view your work any way you like. Plus, connect your other essential tools like Github, Figma, Slack, and more to truly keep all your work in one place.

3. Product roadmap

A template preview for Product roadmap

This product roadmap lets you plan and track launches across any timeframe and at any level of detail. View projects by quarter, half, or year. Make cross-functional work the smoothest it’s ever been with filters and views for different teams. Get a bird’s eye view of what’s launching in a timeline, or dive into the nitty-gritty tasks for each project.

4. Content calendar

A template preview for Content calendar

Plan content for multiple marketing campaigns and make sure every deliverable launches on time. Plus, write blog post drafts or video scripts in the same place! View deliverables on a calendar or timeline, then filter by status, owner, and priority.

5. User research tracker

A template preview for User research tracker

Track all your user research interviews across multiple projects. Then embed interview recordings and transcripts, and call notes in the same place.

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