9 templates to supercharge your workflows with Notion AI

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9 templates

Notion AI is a connected AI assistant fully integrated into your Notion workspace that helps you work faster, write better, and think bigger. Give Notion AI any instruction and receive an intelligent response based on page context. Whether you're planning a vacation or drafting a job description, Notion AI can help you get through mundane work faster and focus on what matters most to you.

To get started, pick a template you like, duplicate it into your workspace, and refine the prompt until it works for you.

1. Product Launch Announcement (w/ Notion AI)

A template preview for Product Launch Announcement (w/ Notion AI)

You’ve done the hard work of actually building the product, now you just need to launch it. Start with Notion AI.

Writing a perfect launch announcement can help make sure your product launches with users and goes a long way toward making a successful product. Just paste in your product spec to your doc and let Notion AI take a first pass.

2. Feature FAQs (w/ Notion AI)

A template preview for Feature FAQs (w/ Notion AI)

When you launch a new feature, your customers are going to have a lot of questions. Let Notion AI write them for you.

Help your customer experience and support teams go in with answers to the toughest questions that users will end up having. Simply paste in your product spec and let Notion AI take care of the rest.

3. Plan a Trip (w/ Notion AI)

A template preview for Plan a Trip (w/ Notion AI)

Feeling wanderlust? Get some inspiration from Notion AI.

Simply type what kinds of themes come to mind, and let Notion AI plan you a full itinerary with your dream trip.

4. Sales Outreach (w/ Notion AI)

A template preview for Sales Outreach (w/ Notion AI)

Landing new customers can be a challenge - Notion AI can help you get it done.

Provide us some information about your company, themes to include, and let Notion AI craft the perfect message.

5. Weekly Meal Prep (w/ Notion AI)

A template preview for Weekly Meal Prep (w/ Notion AI)

Planning meals for the week can be really challenging process. Let AI spice up your diet!

Tell us what you have in your fridge, the flavors you want to eat, and Notion AI will handle the rest. It'll even preparing a shopping list for you!

6. Job Descriptions (w/ Notion AI)

A template preview for Job Descriptions (w/ Notion AI)

Finding your dream candidate starts with the perfect job description. Don’t go it alone — let Notion AI help.

A job description is any potential candidate’s first impression of your job, and AI can help you craft that perfect message. Provide some details about your company, the position you’re recruiting for, and let Notion AI do the rest.

7. Meeting Summaries (w/ Notion AI)

A template preview for Meeting Summaries (w/ Notion AI)

Meeting follow-ups are always the same: someone writes (or forgets to write) a summary, assigns action items, etc. Let Notion AI take care of it for you.

After the meetings over, simply use this smart meeting notes template to process and write the summary. Meetings get more productive and you have to do less work!

8. Product Localization (w/ Notion AI)

A template preview for Product Localization (w/ Notion AI)

Moving your product from one language to many is a challenge for any company. Kick off the process with Notion AI.

Take common product actions and generate a set of translations that you can easily plug in to your product.

9. Recruiting Outreach (w/ Notion AI)

A template preview for Recruiting Outreach (w/ Notion AI)

You never know what email headline is going to grab the attention of your top candidates - let Notion AI give you some ideas.

Tell us a little more about your company, the candidate and your experience, and we'll help you craft the perfect message.

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