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The second brain for your studies. Get access to a notion template that manages everything school-related, from advanced habit trackers & to-do lists, to curated systems for individual years & semesters.
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Organizing school tasks can get overwhelming.

Are you looking to find a way to crush your school tasks? Or make studies effortless?

Now, you won't need to use 50 different apps to do 50 different things.

Here, you don't need to create another notion template for another semester or year level because it has Individual pages for all years and semesters. Open a personal page based solely on your own year or semester ─ each with their own personal databases.

We've created a dashboard to do everything for you; saving you hundreds of hours and stress. Using a student notion template will help you form a second brain for everything related to your academics. However, in our template, it's not only limited to your studies. We also cover other areas such as your personal life & even work if you're planning side hustles. A second brain concept is good because it allows you to offload cognitive burdens and stress, often through the use of digital workspaces like our template here. What we offer that other workspaces and notion templates don't is amazing personalization. From the databases itself to the comprehensive set-up video you'll get, you can pretty much make this template as your own once set-up is finished.

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