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Book tracker where you can mark them as read, pending, reserved, finished or abandoned. It has a chart where you can see all the genres you have.

Do you have a reading challenge? You can also keep track of it, either on a yearly basis or if you want to read some specific books for it.

If you really like a book and want to have it in your library, you can mark it as desired and you will see a list of all the books you want to buy and the priority they have.

You will have a monthly overview of the books you read in the reading timeline and a section for your favorite underlines.

You don't know what book you have in digital, physical or even if you have it? it is not out yet but you have already reserved it? you have borrowed it? the library section is the ideal to do that kind of follow up.

Within the book cards, in addition to the characteristics such as author, genre, rating... you have a predesigned template to take notes during or after reading but you are always free to use your imagination or write down whatever you want :)


Can I customize the template?

Of course you can! The template you get is a way to save you all the work but if you want to give it your personal touch or inside some place you want to see more or less things, it is always possible.

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