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Manage multiple blog websites with our comprehensive Notion template. Organize domains, track content ideas, set goals, monitor finances, schedule posts, and strategize social media—all in one centralized platform.
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🚀 Revolutionize the way you handle multiple blog websites with our comprehensive Notion template. Elevate organization, planning, and financial oversight across various sites effortlessly: 🌐 Domain Inventory for Multiple Blogs: Effortlessly manage domains across multiple blog sites, keeping all critical information centralized and accessible. 🖥️ Hosting Services Inventory and Selection: Optimize hosting choices for each blog site and track service details seamlessly. ✍️ Blog Post Ideas & Goals for Each Website: Fuel creativity and align visions for content creation across different blogs. Set and track goals for each blog's content strategy. 📅 Blog Post Scheduling, Tracking, and Payments per Site: Efficiently monitor post progress, schedules, and revenue streams for each individual blog. 💰 Blog Expenses, Ad Revenue & Net Profits for Every Website: Track financial health separately for each blog, understanding expenses, ad revenue, and net profits at a granular level. 📱 Blog Social Media Marketing by Domains and Status: Strategize social media presence uniquely for each blog site to maximize engagement and audience reach.

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