Product Requirements Document

A simple, user-centric blueprint for a product requirements document that starts with an observed user problem or need to set the context for a clear hypothesis, core features of how it works and select value metrics for measuring impact of your feature or experiment.
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Most PRDs aren't useful because they are formed either too early or too late in the process. They often lack a sense of purpose which comes from situational context of the user and their needs. That's why I created a simple, user-centric blue print for a product requirements document that's to -the-point, easy to write and even easier to read.

Insight - an observed user need or pain
Hypothesis - an explanation for what you've observed and the underlying assumptions.
Solution - core features or capabilities and a design that details how it might work.
Outcome - north star metrics that map a clear 1:1 relationship between business and user value.

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