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Do you struggle with structuring articles as a writer? My article outline template eases the process for you! 
Arrange scattered ideas, craft a clear direction, and integrate research effortlessly. 
Write with confidence, publish with impact.
About this template

This template guides you towards clear and impactful writing, ready to publish.

Designed for Busy Writers:
- No more scrambling for lost thoughts.
- Chart a clear path for your writing with dedicated sections.
- Manage citations, links, and notes into your outline for effortless reference. No more juggling sources!

This Template Empowers You To:
- Brainstorm Like a Pro: Jot down ideas and effortlessly arrange them into key points and supporting arguments.
- Develop a strong structure effortlessly.
- Craft Captivating Introductions & Conclusions
- Write with Confidence: Eliminate the fear of the blank page.

What's inside?
Our Notion template isn't just an outline; it's your writing co-pilot. Dive into these clear sections for a smooth journey:

1. Planning Section:
Define your target audience and article goals.
Set a word count and estimated completion date.

2. Brainstorming:
Capture fleeting ideas and supporting arguments.
Organize them with a simple drag-and-drop.

3. Research Hub:
Add citations directly within your outline.
Include links and research notes for easy reference.

4. Draft Outline:
Build a structured outline with dedicated sections for Introduction, Body Paragraphs, and Conclusion.
Flesh out your key points with confidence.

5. Additional Section (Optional):
This section is your canvas! Add sections for character profiles (fiction), timelines (history), or anything that fits your writing style.

6. Final Version:
Refine your outline into a polished structure.
Use this as your launchpad to confidently draft your impactful article.

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