Art Commission Workflow 2.5

This is an art commission tracker and timesheet. There are automations that will track your work time and calculate your hourly pay. Keep track of art commissions, product sales- or both!
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★★★(NEW) VERSION 2.5 IS HERE! ★★★
Special shout out to Pyuuchi on X for these suggestions! Version 2.5 includes a new database board view that will be familiar to Trello users!
Also included is a Progress column to show viewers/clients how close you are to being finished with the task!
I absolutely LOVE how this is turning into a community made template for artists! If you have any other suggestions/fixes/whatever- feel free to DM me on any of my socials!

★★★ NEW! ★★★

Version 2.0 update is here!

In this update:

-More organization filters, Earnings, Worked Hours, Time Tracker and Earnings/Hour!

-Timesheet Table lets you record your working time to see your average labor time AND hourly rate!

-Galley and Notion Calendar integration means mini-portfolio and integration with all your calendar needs!
This template allows artists to keep track of their commissions. This also allows buyers to get an idea how long a commission may take you to complete. Highly customizable with multiple selections and automations to choose from!

This is the template I personally use for my art commissions, sales and giveaway prizes. I use this to let potential buyers understand how long a commission may take by giving them the history of previous commissions and a bit of the details. There are also a few automations! When you add a new entry to the task list, it'll automatically set the status to In-Progress and the priority to N/A (this can be changed!) Also, when you complete an entry by changing the status to 'done', the priority will display as 'done' and the completed date will reflect to the current date.

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