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It's a simple list you can use to track your favorite anime shows. Enter in the name of the anime series, give it a rating from 1 to 5 stars, not only can you track what you watch and what to watch, but you can make a list of your top 100 animes of all time.
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Being a huge fan of anime is a wonderful thing. It keeps you company when things are hard, it makes your boring commute exciting and even make you meet some of the best people in the world. However there's one challenge that every anime lover faces from time to time; keeping track of all the animes they have watched, are currently watching and the ones they want to watch.

I've had this problem since I started watching anime on a regular basis. It's too much to remember, and the list gets too big. This template makes things so much easier. Give this to an anime enthusiast, and it's like you're giving them life.

A well-designed organizer for anime lovers. I, as an anime lover myself, know how much time is wasted every day scrolling through the pages of your favorite shows and seeing if there's something new. Everything is all over the place with no way of organizing it.

This template or spreadsheet allows you to keep track of Anime series you have watch, ones you are watching, and plan to watch.

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