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Notion Airbnb Management Template helps you streamline all aspects of your property in one place, including bookings, finance, and housekeeping.
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Notion template for Airbnb hosts. Effective management space for bookings, timeline, calendar, housekeeping, supplies, employees, team, inventory, documents, prebuilt guest handbook, and more. All in one place.

You can easily manage your bookings and guests with all the useful information. The system will automatically calculate finances and incomes for you. Additionally, it provides a clean timeline and calendar view of bookings organized by property.

You have the ability to manage housekeeping for your Airbnb property, as well as easily handle inventory and suppliers all in one place.

Prebuilt Guest Handbook for your Airbnb. Share important information with your guests, including details about your property, host information, essential rules, check-in and check-out procedures, city guides, settling in tips, transportation options, and much more.

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