AI-powered Reading List

Using Notion AI, this template offers seamless organization and categorization of research, automatically populating keywords, key insights, sources, and authors, thereby simplifying the retrieval of essential information, boosting productivity, and reducing tab clutter.
About this template

This template is designed to help students (and non-students!) better organize their readings, summarize their contents and stay on top of their academic goals. With advanced AI capabilities, this template can highlight important keywords, and even summarize articles for you.

This dashboard allows you to:

- easily create a visually appealing overview of all literature, articles, and other online resources.
- generate summaries for any web resource using Notion AI
- automatically populate keywords, key insights, sources, and authors for each article.
- enhance your workflow by having a centralized system for all your reading materials.
- keep all your important articles and research well-organized and easily accessible.

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