active recall + spaced repetition template

Utilize active recall and spaced repetition to succeed when it comes to dense academic topics!
About this template

The system that got me to Dean's list for two years straight at University

How does one even study for school? So many tips on Youtube and Instagram, but it's difficult to apply such tips and tricks to our daily life.

I built this template two years ago for myself. I wanted it to work for me, more than anything, and to help me become a top student in my year.

And it did, thanks to this template. I hope this template works for you like it has worked for me!

What this template will help you:

- achieve shorter, yet more effective studying sessions
- track your studying with a Pomodoro timer
- study with a flashcard system that easily shows/hides answers
- review your answers with color coding
- test yourself with hard questions
- automatically set up your next review date for your unit
- maintain a schedule for several different topics

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