Notion 2.23: Slack integration 2.0 + wiki page verification

Slack integration 2.0: save messages and configure notifications

Capture your team's collective knowledge. Send Slack messages to a Notion database (e.g. record user feedback), get notifications in Slack (e.g. updates on tasks), and share links that expand with useful context.

Set up your first notification by going to a database's menu at the top right → then Slack notifications

Wiki pages with verification ✅

Prevent stale content. Convert your wiki pages into an easy-to-manage system where pages can be marked as "verified.” Here’s how:

  • Go to your wiki’s main page and click on the top right ••• menu, then click Turn into wiki

  • In the All pages database view, click into the Verification column for any row

2-step verification (a.k.a. 2FA, MFA)

Add an extra layer of security to your account by requiring a second method of identification. Go into your account settings, click my account and under account security, toggle on 2-step verification.

Search on mobile now loads 60%+ faster

60%+ faster mobile search means you can easily find a doc while on the move. It also comes with smoother scrolling and better search context.

@mention groups

Now you can @mention a permission group just like you can @mention individual people. Hover over a group mention to see who’s in the group.

Extended free access for startups — including unlimited AI

Startups new to Notion, or currently using a free plan, can use a Notion Plus plan with unlimited AI for up to 6 months. This is equivalent to a maximum of $6000; 6x more than our previous credit offering.

We also built a "startup in a box" set of templates— real Notion pages built for startups by other startups and organized by stages in a founder’s journey.

Little fixes = big improvements

  • 👀 See every row that matches your database filter, even if the row is a sub-item/sub-task

  • 📅 Now you can view a calendar by week

  • 🔎 Open any Notion page link (e.g. subpage, page mention) in side peek mode

  • 🔔 You now have a filter to see all unread notifications in your Updates

  • 🛡️ Enterprise Workspace owners can now upgrade themselves to a member or owner of a teamspace

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