Expanded Free Plan & new Business Plan

Still free for everyone. Now with even more features.

In May 2020, we made a commitment: Notion should be free for personal use. Today, we’re taking this a step further. Now the Free Plan is more collaborative and capable, with these features that used to require a paid subscription:

  • More guests: invite up to 10 collaborators, friends & family to your pages

  • Page history: view and restore previous versions of your content, up to 7 days

  • Teamspaces: create custom sections in your sidebar for a new layer of organization

As always, individuals can add unlimited pages and blocks to Notion. And teams can kick the tires before paying, with a limited block trial — no time limit, no credit card needed.

New Business Plan

Trying to get cross-functional teams on the same page? Notion’s new Business Plan was designed for companies who need a few extra tools for admins, to ensure employees are using the workspace effectively:

  • SAML SSO: securely manage employee access at scale with single sign-on

  • Private teamspaces: dedicated areas for working groups to collaborate on sensitive docs

  • Bulk PDF export: perfect for legal and compliance backups of the entire workspace

  • COMING SOON Advanced page analytics: see who’s viewing and editing your content, and when

Choose a default skin tone and icon color

When you add an emoji or icon for your page, you’ll now see an option to set a default skin tone and icon color. Your chosen color will be pre-selected anytime you add an emoji or icon in Notion.

New “this week” filter for your tasks

Getting the most out of your week starts with knowing what to work on. Now you can always see what tasks need your focus in the current week using the new “This week” filter.

To use it:

  • Create an Advanced filter in a database

  • Select a date property and then select the qualifier “Is within”

  • Select “This week” as the filter option

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