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Notion vs. Confluence

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“Confluence is where docs go to die.” Be the one to bring in a tool people love.

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Notion consistently ranks as the G2 industry leader based on hundreds of customer reviews. But don't take our word for it. Check out G2's comparison for more info.

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Why Branch chose Notion over Confluence

When we used Confluence, people weren’t creating as much documentation as they should be. Now Notion motivates so many more people to share what they’re doing.

Dmitri Gaskin

Co-founder, Branch

Why successful teams choose Notion over Confluence

Confluence, Jira, and Trello are separate apps for separate tasks. Notion combines many tools into one - wiki, projects, and docs - unlocking a new level of efficiency and alignment.

Docs and Wiki
Gantt, kanban board, timeline views
Desktop & mobile apps
Flexible databases
Drag & drop editing
Automatic page hierarchy

Make silos a thing of the past

Teams that use Confluence work in silos and make your company less productive. The solution? Connect other tools to Notion with the API and automate powerful workflows.

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Want more than a wiki?

Most knowledge bases get stale and out of date fast. Connect projects, docs, and knowledge in Notion. You can reference documentation and do your day-to-day work in the same tool. No need to switch between Confluence, Jira, and Trello to do your work.

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Switch to Notion in minutes

Breaking free from Confluence is easier than you think. With the Notion importer you can preserve all your formatting and migrate all your docs in one batch.

Switch to Notion in minutes

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Give your team a tool they'll love

Get instant access to Notion features & templates. No credit card needed.

Docs and Wiki
100+ starter templates
Gantt, kanban board, timeline views
Desktop & mobile apps
Flexible databases
Drag & drop editing
Automatic page hierarchy

Why Mixpanel chose Notion over Confluence

Our Confluence wiki was a mess. Notion gave us the opportunity to rally around one tool for everyone.

Vijay Iyengar

Director of Product, Mixpanel