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All verified startups can redeem up to $1000 USD credit towards any team based plan. We'll walk through how to take advantage of this offer and redeem the credit.

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Our Notion for Startups program offers up to $1000 USD credit to all verified startups around the world. This program is geared toward new startups. If you have more than 100 employees, our sales team will be in touch!

  • Startups that work with one of our partners can redeem $1000 USD credit. The dropdown menu in this form contains a complete list of partners. To redeem this offer, reach out to your partner directly for their code to include in the form for the fastest verification.

  • Startups that don't work with our partners can redeem $500 USD credit. Apply in this form and select No, but I am a startup on Question 4 to redeem the offer.

If approved, our team will send you a confirmation email that the startup credit has been applied to your account.

If you are on a free plan

  • To activate the credit, go to Settings & Members and then Upgrade to select either the Team or Enterprise Plan

  • In the payment modal, see Balance to reference your startup credit amount

  • You will need to add billing information, but not to worry, you won't be charged!

Shows startup credit balance in payment modal

If you are on a paid plan

  • The startup credits will automatically be applied to your next invoice without any action needed from your end!

  • View how the credit affects your next invoice by going to Settings & Members, the Billing tab, and then View upcoming invoice (near the top in gray font)

  • Once your next invoice has been posted, you can reference your remaining credit balance in the Billing tab and Workspace balance


How much credit can I receive?

Fill out this quick form to check! It takes 1m.

What are the program requirements?

If you are a verified startup redeeming the $500 general credit, you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Has a valid Notion domain

  • Has a publicly available company website and a unique company email domain. Generic email domains and stealth websites will not be accepted.

  • Has not been acquired or IPO’d

  • Cannot be applied to active, existing team based plans. Startups affiliated with one of our partners (see complete list in this form) are exempt.

  • Has received funding from investors

If you are affiliated with one of our partners (see complete list in this form) and we are able to confirm affiliation, you are exempt from the above criteria.

Where can I get the code?

If you are a startup working with one of our partners, reach out to them directly for their unique code and fill out this form.

If you are a startup that's not working with one of our partners, you can redeem the credit by filling out this form.

If I work with more than one partner, can I redeem multiple codes?

No, you can only redeem a Notion partner credit one time, even if you work with more than one of our partners. Email us at [email protected] if you have further questions!

I submitted the form, but I haven't heard back yet.

Please allow up to 3-5 business days for us to get back to you with an update! If you are working with one of our partners, reach out to them directly for their unique code.

I clicked the Earn Credits tab, but don't see my credit.

Sorry for the confusion 🙈 Notion has two types of credit:

  1. Notion credit: You earn this from referrals and using Notion credit. You can see how much credit you've accumulated via Settings & Members in the Earn Credit section.

  2. Stripe credit: Any credits applied via the Apply Coupon section in Billing is sent to Stripe, our payment processor. These credits automatically apply towards upcoming invoices. You can check your Stripe credit balance under Workspace balance

I'm already paying for a Team Plan and eligible for the discount. Can I get a refund?

We won't issue a refund for your previous invoices, but if you're eligible for credit, it will be automatically applied to your upcoming invoices.

Can I apply my startup credit to an Enterprise Plan?

Yes - for new plans 💪 In Settings & Members, go to the Upgrade section and click the blue Upgrade button under "Enterprise." The upgrade will take effect immediately. The credit cannot be applied to active Enterprise plans.

What are your terms and conditions for redeeming startup credit?

You can read them here.

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