Freelance marketer Luri Lee manages personal and professional projects in Notion

Luri Lee has a lot going on — she's a freelance marketer, content creator, and avid traveler. With Notion, she keeps all her initiatives on track, whether she's managing her personal life, like her budget, or building her business.

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Luri Lee

Freelance marketer

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Personal Organization

A portfolio that's easy to build, share, and update

After 8 years at an IT startup as a marketer and planner, Luri recently launched her own business. As a newly minted freelancer, she needed to spin up a portfolio to showcase her past work and attract new clients. Notion gives her a quick, no-fuss way to display all her work, like projects, her e-book, and YouTube episodes publicly on a website. She can even select only the parts of her portfolio that she wants to disclose — if a project is still under construction, she can make that specific page private until she's ready to share.

Hosting her portfolio in Notion also signals to her potential clients in the startup space that she's dialed into the latest technologies.

Luri’s portfolio shares all her experience with potential clients.
Notion is so convenient for a freelancer. I can just write, share the page, and it looks like a proper website.
Luri Lee
Luri Lee
Freelance marketer

Spending and saving tracked for long-term financial success

Luri doesn't just use Notion for her professional projects — she also runs her entire personal life on the app, including all her finances. To keep track of how much money is in each bank account, she records her list of accounts in a table and connects it to a list of scheduled withdrawals. That way, she knows exactly how much is coming in, how much is going out, and where it's coming from.

Luri even set up a dashboard with summaries of her income, savings, and expenses. She can see the state of her finances in one place, stay within her budget, and hit her savings goals.

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Luri manages all her finances using Notion dashboards.
Before, it was hard to track my different bank accounts and make sure I was paying bills on time. In Notion, I can see it all at a glance.
Luri Lee
Luri Lee
Freelance marketer

A travel log to keep memories, plans, and recommendations in one place

When she’s not creating content, Luri is traveling around the globe. She uses a Notion database to document all the places she’s been and to plan where she’s going next. For each trip, she tags the country and the people she traveled with. Clicking on each trip opens a page with notes and reflections that she can look fondly upon later.

At the heart of all her trips are the people who share these memories with her. With one click, Luri can see the groups of people she spent the most time with on each trip. And when it’s time to go somewhere new, she invites her family and friends to her Notion database so they can plan together.

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Luri keeps track of all her trips (and who they were with) in one database.
I had so much information scattered across so many tools. Now everything's together in Notion.
Luri Lee
Luri Lee
Freelance marketer

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