Loom’s communication hub unites its remote team

R&D and go-to-market teams at companies like HubSpot, Rippling & Square use Loom to communicate more effectively with quick, instantly shareable video messages. Notion is the communication system for Loom’s remote team. With Enterprise plan features that unlock more control and customization, Loom has all it needs to keep the company synced at all times.

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Vinay Hiremath

Co-founder Head of Engineering

Zack Hargett

Product Lead

Nicole Obst

Head of Growth

Use cases
Project Management, Notes

Establishing process that everyone shares and follows

Loom’s growth team uses a Notion board to keep track of all the experiments they’re running. Each project is its own card on the board that can be moved through each step of the development process — from backlog to results — and can be opened into a full Notion page to capture research, notes, action items, etc. This gives project managers across the team complete visibility into tests that are running, and helps everyone learn from past tests so that growth is constantly optimized.

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A Notion board keeps track of Loom's many growth experiments.

A canvas that invites focused writing

Co-founder and Head of Engineering Vinay Hiremath communicates with his team through writing. He explains ideas and decisions to everyone, no matter where they’re based.

Previously, Vinay says he procrastinated or avoided writing entirely, working in tools that felt distracting and constrained.

Now, he uses Notion to express his thoughts, rearrange them with easy drag-and-drop, and sharpen his message. He distributes these memos to the broader team immediately within Notion, giving everyone access to his thinking around company and strategy going back in time.

Loom One-on-ones
Loom's Head of Engineering creates 1:1 meeting notes in Notion.
Notion creates focus in a way that I've never seen another product be able to create focus. One of the few places I find solace in the workplace is sitting in front of a blank Notion doc and writing.
Zack Hargett
Zack Hargett
Product Lead

Custom pages let everyone work the way they work best

Notion pages are highly customizable, allowing teams at Loom to structure their pages however is most helpful to them. Whether it's designers embedding Figma files, or product managers creating roadmaps with Kanban boards, pages can be molded to host information in the way that is most useful for the task at hand.

"It’s all right there at your fingertips, whether it’s a board or calendar in your page. You don’t have to leave Notion. It just offers a very clear way to communicate,” says Product Lead Zack Hargett.

As one primary example, the whole team often embeds Looms into Notion pages, using them as quick visual explanations or walkthroughs of the content the page contains. Adding a Loom video to a Notion page is as simple as typing /loom, pasting the link, and pressing enter.

Loom videos are embedded in Notion pages to provide visual explanations of work in progress.

Live conversations for live-anywhere teams

As a remote-first company, Loom relies on asynchronous communication to push collaborative work forward. Because Notion pages are living documents, teams across timezones can access the latest versions from anywhere and know they’re up to date.

These pages can contain anything from project briefs to company-wide proposals to meeting notes. Regardless, anyone on the team can leave comments on or start discussions about the content, tagging their colleagues as needed and keeping progress flowing. And with Notion's Enterprise plan, Loom leverages custom permission settings to share pages with any combination of people across departments.

Loom Mobile Discussion
Comment anywhere. Mention a coworker inline to start a conversation.
Notion continues to be the easiest way to get information centralized somewhere and shout it out to someone else. For us, that’s extremely important because half our team is remote.
Vinay Hiremath
Vinay Hiremath
Co-founder Head of Engineering

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