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Figma is a collaborative design tool. Notion brings product, operations, HR, and customer support together in one shared space — and allows each team to customize their workflow.

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Marie Szuts

Head of People Ops

Jason Pearson

Head of Support Ops

Kerry Gluchowski

HR Administrator

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Question for HR?
First, check The Figmanual.

The Figmanual is a one-stop resource for company information and policies. The simplicity of adding or editing a page has helped the HR team collaborate and ensure content is always up-to-date. It’s frequently referenced by new hires and tenured employees alike.

Flying Pages Illustration
Figma's internal wiki is a one-stop resource for company information and policies.
Notion’s ease of use is one of its hallmarks. It helps you visually navigate content and remember where something is.
Marie Szuts
Marie Szuts
Head of People Ops

Flexible structure.
Customized for your org.

The sidebar keeps important information just a click away. Each team can setup their own top-level page and nest infinite pages inside.

This structure is kept in sync across desktop, web, and mobile devices. To promote transparency and collaboration, pages are shared with the entire company by default. But advanced permissions allow page access to be restricted to specific individuals or teams.

Notion adapts to work with your org structure, not against it.

Figma Mobile Sidebar
The sidebar keeps content organized and in sync across every device.

Support team knowledge base

When a customer has a question, the customer support team searches Notion to find the answer. Saved replies to common questions are catalogued in a Notion database. Answers are tagged by topic and can even link to related answers to provide additional context.

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Catalog shared knowledge like saved replies to common support questions so everyone can access and contribute to it.

Built to grow and change with you

Policies and processes change, but Notion is designed to adapt to any workflow.

“As more people join, they ask more specific questions. If we constantly add to The Figmanual, Notion can easily grow with us. It’s not something we have to rebuild every year,” says Head of People Ops Marie Szuts.

Everyone at Figma can flag old material with a comment or open a discussion to ask a question. Restructuring content is as simple as drag-and drop.

Figma Comments
Comment anywhere to keep things up-to-date.
If your team is growing and evolving, Notion will change with you.
Jason Pearson
Jason Pearson
Head of Support Ops

Start building your company wiki

Notion is free to try and works across many devices.

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