Crowdcast's operating system drives remote collaboration

Crowdcast helps creators host online events and connect with their communities. Its fully remote team created a digital "office" in Notion so that everyone runs on the same processes and principles.

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Project management and execution in one tool

Crowdcast manages projects across five teams — marketing, engineering, sales, success, and operations. Instead of switching between task management tools and the actual work, like in Google Docs, it's all done in Notion. One database tracks all long-term initiatives. And inside that database, every project is a page where all info can be bundled together for easy reference. Click into any project and you'll see who's leading it, related docs, team conversations, and the current status.

stack of papers
Crowdcast can see projects across five teams in one place.
Most task management apps — like Clickup or Trello — are just pointing to the work that lives scattered in other places. In Notion, all the work lives side by side.
Sai Hossain
Sai Hossain

Instructions to scale all repeatable processes

With so many different projects in flight, Crowdcast maintains a company-wide list of shared resources to eliminate duplicate work. Security protocols, testimonial requests, instructions for updating the blog, and other docs live in this database for any team member to use. There's even a page to track competitor products, with everybody contributing notes and comparisons in one shared document.

"Having a unified place for processes allows our distributed team to scale while staying on the same page," says Sai.

Need to look up which companies have signed a data processing agreement? Check the list. Need to create a social media graphic? Just find the guide and follow the instructions. Documenting these repeatable processes keeps the quality of work consistent, saving everyone time through compounded learning.

Crowdcast processes gallery
A gallery of instructions and processes can be updated by anyone on the team.

Guiding principles for effective remote work

To make sure everyone collaborates seamlessly, Crowdcast maintains a wiki in Notion that acts as the company's virtual headquarters. The page is designed to reflect the company's priorities. The company’s mission is front and center. The team directory connects employees old and new. If there’s a question about using Slack, there’s a communication handbook with examples and reasoning. With full transparency around the company's values, Crowdcast can maintain a healthy remote culture.

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Everyone knows to check this wiki page first to answer any questions about the company.
Our environment dictates how we feel, how we behave, and how work happens. As a fully distributed team, Notion helps us create the best digital environment to collaborate.
Sai Hossain
Sai Hossain

Infinite flexibility to build any workflow

For Crowdcast, intentionally designed workspaces lead to better work. Other tools they tried were rigid and didn’t fit their specific needs. Notion provided the building blocks — databases, pages, boards, embeds — that let the team fully customize the way they work.

"In Notion, you can create whatever workspace makes sense for your mind, or your team's shared mind. People and organizations work and think differently. Our tools should adapt accordingly," says Sai.

Each team can set up their own dashboard with whatever is important to them. Sales can track their high-touch deals by status, while the marketing team can see editorial projects by month. And anyone can filter their shared projects database to view only what's assigned to them. This way, Crowdcast can mold their tools for maximum efficiency, rather than letting their tools prescribe how they work.

Crowdcast sales dashboard
Each team can pull in information from multiple places to create a dashboard.

Build a digital workspace for your whole company

Notion is free to try and works across many devices.

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