Argyle's custom workflows fuel a new kind of startup

Argyle is making employment data easier than ever to access, with user consent. From day one, the team wrote their own playbook, raising $20 million with a pitch deck built entirely in Notion. With the flexibility to build custom tools for their every need, Argyle sets a new precedent for startup growth.

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Reimagining investor pitch decks

When Argyle's founders were raising its Series A, they knew a flashy five-slide pitch deck wouldn't cut it. Their technical product had nuances that were crucial for investors to understand. That's why the team creates all their funding memos in Notion. Each memo flows like an easy-to-read article and invites comments and feedback. Any updates Argyle makes are automatically reflected in the doc, which saves the team from having to send a new version each time they add or tweak the presentation. That way, they can focus their energies on having thoughtful conversations with investors.

Notion offers a new, more engaging way to share information with investors.
A Powerpoint pitch deck doesn’t really paint a thoughtful, in-depth picture about a business. Notion has helped us tell a richer story about what we do and why it matters.
Shmulik Fishman
Shmulik Fishman

Choose-your-own adventures for more compelling arguments

Unlike a powerpoint, Argyle's Notion memos contain both high-level summaries and granular data. Using nested pages, the team created gallery sections showcasing different use cases and existing customers. If they want to learn more, investors can click into each card to get more details and anecdotes.

“Notion is like a cross between an article and a website," says Shmulik. "You can present ideas in a very narrative-driven way, but also double click on things for more details.”

Creating this interactive experience allowed Argyle to answer every question investors might ask before they even asked them. And clearly, it was working — Argyle's investors called them brimming with detailed questions and excited to continue the conversation.

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Create pages within a page to present multiple hierarchies of information while maintaining intuitive navigation.

Customized pitches for every investor

Every investor Argyle talked to wanted different data points. Instead of hunting for the right presentation file, Argyle created a funding memo template in Notion, then duplicated and tailored it for each investor. If the investor requests a pro forma or pricing table, the team just adds it into their workspace, creating unique data rooms. The more personalized the memo, the happier and more engaged the investor is.

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Reduce repeat work by duplicating templates and tailoring information for different audiences.
Investors actually thanked us for sending them memos in Notion. They really enjoyed how simple and intuitive it was to navigate through all that information.
Shmulik Fishman
Shmulik Fishman

One hub for a fast-growing team

Now that Argyle closed their funding round, they're building out their team, from marketing to recruiting. Instead of buying JIRA, Microsoft Office, and Lever, they realized it would be so much easier to manage all teams in one Notion workspace.

"We're so much more productive with Notion," says Shmulik. "It's the reason we were able to close our funding round so quickly and make gains with our product and marketing strategy."

Especially as everyone onboards remotely this year, Notion has morphed into a digital office that gives visibility into other people’s work. Every team member has the independence to self-organize as they wish, all while remaining within a single tool.

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Unite teams across the company in one single workspace.

Build a custom pitch deck in Notion

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