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Ownership and Intellectual Property Rights

If you are a creator of a template, you own and retain ownership rights to any User Content or Customer Data (as applicable) included in the templates you make available; provided that at all times Notion shall retain full ownership of the Services and any and all functionality that you use to generate such template. As between Users of Notion that download templates from the Template Gallery and Notion, templates are Non-Notion Applications.

Please respect the intellectual property rights of others and do not post anything that you don’t have the rights to post. By making a template available in the Notion Template Gallery, you represent and warrant that you have the rights and/or permission to make such template available to others. You hereby grant Notion a license to access, use, modify, market (through any channel), and distribute your template and the creator profile information you submit to Notion. You hereby grant Users that duplicate your template a non-exclusive license to access, modify, and use such template for so long as they retain an active Subscription to the Services. Reposting of templates purchased from other creators is strictly prohibited.

Inappropriate content

We are building a welcoming and inclusive community. Notion retains full discretion to not publish any content that is not appropriate.

We don’t allow any of the following in the Template Gallery:

  1. Pornography or sexually explicit or obscene material
  2. Depictions of minors in a sexual manner
  3. Hate speech or highly offensive language
  4. Harassment or threats
  5. Graphic violence
  6. Illegal activities or goods or promotion of illegal activities or goods
  7. Self-harm or the promotion of self-harm
  8. Promotion of terrorism or violent extremism


  1. Do not post advertisements; and
  2. Do not link to spammy websites


Unless you have appropriate consent, please ensure that your template and creator profile do not contain personal information or sensitive data such as: