<aside> 💡 Notion Tip: This template is completely customizable for each team at your company. At Crowdcast, they build transparency by having public databases like meetings, tasks and roadmaps. Each team only links to the databases most useful to them. This template focuses on the sales team, but you can create and link to any database that helps you!



@Andrea Lim — Head of sales

@Sohrab Amin — SDR

@Ben Smith — SDR

@Nate Martins — AE


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Need to find us? Check #sales-team


The sales team at Crowdcast shows their high priority deals so everyone across the company knows who are the important customer accounts. All of this is customizable! If you’re part of the marketing team, instead of showing sales deals you can link to your editorial projects or support tickets if you’re on the support team.

Click on any customer like ACME.io to view the contents of that subpage. View this database in different ways by clicking the All deals dropdown.

High-touch deals

Give your team a quick view of your broad objectives by linking to your roadmap database. This is a global database that is shared by all teams. Projects can be created by any team member, so it’s not exclusive to just one team. The database below has projects from the marketing, support and sales teams.

With different database views you can focus on just your teams goals, project status and more. Click All projects to view the same database in multiple ways.


Use this database to view granular tasks that are associated to larger scale projects. For example, Onboard 5 new SDRs is related to the broader goal Scale the sales team. Each team can add individual tasks for each project they’re working on.

View your tasks in different ways by clicking the All tasks dropdown. You can filter by team, project, status and more.


This meetings list below is another example of a shared database that each team can link to and add new pages. Consolidate your meeting notes and build transparency by adding all your teams meetings to this table.

Click All meetings to view the same database in multiple ways.